In 2018, California passed a law (AB 2338) that expands existing law which requires talent agencies to be licensed by the Labor Commissioner and to comply with additional requirements.  This law not only requires talent agencies to provide educational materials on sexual harassment prevention, retaliation and reporting resources to its artists, but now requires minors and their parents to complete online or onsite training by a certified third-party vendor in sexual harassment prevention, retaliation and reporting resources in order to receive a California work permit“Minors” are child actors from 14-17 years old, inclusive.  [See note about 13-year-old actors below.] These minors will not be issued an entertainment work permit (by the California Labor Commissioner) unless the minor, and his or her parent or guardian, receives and completes training in sexual harassment prevention, retaliation, and reporting resources. is a division of Children In Film, Inc., which has been certified by the California Department of Industrial Relations Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) to provide sexual harassment training to minors.  We offer this training online in partnership with, and we ensure that your training is one of the best, easiest and least expensive option to complete this important requirement so that you, the actor, can work (or continue to work) in entertainment, as talent agencies must ask request and retain your entertainment work permit. 

All adult actors can take sexual harassment training through this same talent elevate partnership with, which will be viewed positively by all agents, managers and casting directors. 

In addition, all supervisors at talent agencies and managers, as well as casting directors, are required to distribute information on sexual harassment and training, so it is very useful for supervisors, agents, managers and casting directors to take either the one- or two-hour training option, so they understand what they are distributing, and how to guide actors, especially minors, regarding Sexual Harassment Training and Prevention.

We recommend that minors and their parent or guardian take the one-hour training, and that all supervisors take the 2-hour training. You can do the training from your computer or mobile device. At the end of the Training, our partner will issue you a certificate of completion that you can show to any talent agency so that you can continue your acting career and we can verify this for either your employer or the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE).  Payment covers both the Training and your Certificate.  You can share your Certificate with your talent agency and with the California Labor Commissioner so that you can be issued an entertainment work permit.

The training will cover all of the components specified in the Department of Fair Employment and Housing’s (DFEH) Form 185, but just reading the form is not enough for minors to obtain a work permit; you must take an online or onsite course.

In addition, California’s DLSE has issued Guidance on the new law, which provides 2 options for 13-year-old minors who will turn 14 during their 6-month entertainment work permit: (1) apply for a permit which will expire on the minor’s 14th birthday (and then you have to take the Sexual Harassment Training), or (2) the Labor Commissioner will issue permits to minors who are 13-1/2, who provide satisfactory proof of sexual harassment prevention training, such as we are offering


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  1. This Site is not a free resource, it is a valuable paid resource, offering Sexual Harassment Training to those child actors, their parents or guardians, adult actors and supervisors, talent agencies, managers and casting directors, for a modest fee for online training and certification.
  2. As mentioned above, we do not collect or hold any of your financial or credit card information, which is subject to the privacy and security policies of the payment gateway/processor website(s) to which you have to link to pay for Training.
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  2. We make an exception to our Privacy Policy prohibition on any child/minor submitting information or using the Site, only for 13-year old minors together with their parent(s) or guardian, solely to make Sexual Harassment Training available to 13-1/2 year old minors who are permitted to obtain California work permits as if they were 14. The Site is intended for you too, and we recommend that you visit the Site together with your parent or guardian. Indeed, the requirements of the COPPA Act protecting children online apply to children under 13, and this website is not intended for children under 13.
  3. This Site provides necessary sexual harassment prevention training and certification that permits minors aged 13-1/2 through 17 to obtain work permits issued by the State of California for actors, and assists adults also to meet their requirements, or to become more knowledgeable, about Sexual Harassment. Because we are a website that helps you comply with California labor law, we are expressly NOT a website that is intended for European Union residents, to our knowledge we do not receive inquiries or traffic from residents of the European Economic Area, and we do not purport to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  However, we comply with applicable privacy law, and will make reasonable and timely efforts to provide data subjects information about Personal Data we may hold about them, and to modify or delete such Personal Data at the request of a data subject.  Should you have an inquiry or comment, please contact us at