Age 14 & Up


California recently passed a law (AB 2338) which requires 14-17 year old minors and their parent or legal guardian to complete training in sexual harassment prevention, retaliation and reporting resources.  Compliance with the new law is scheduled to begin 06/30/2019.


As a certified vendor of the State of California, in conjunction with Children In Film, Inc. is working to create a low cost sexual harassment training and prevention program specifically for minor performers age 14-17 and their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) as required by California Law.   No such program that is geared towards this age group, or towards the entertainment industry at large, currently exists.  While we create a program that is more suitable for this audience, we have partnered with a third party to provide online training that not only satisfies the laws of California, but is valid for all 50 states.  


The course takes approximately one hour to complete and ends with a final exam and, upon achieving 80% or above, issues a course completion certificate that can be verified by the CA Department of Labor.