Q:   Are “Legal 18” minors required to take training?

A:   Minors who are graduated, emancipated, or who have completed their high school proficiency are not required to receive training. This is due to the fact that permits are not required for those individuals. Nonetheless, Children in Film recommends the training since these minors are vulnerable, often working at night without a parent/guardian on set.   At a minimum, minors who are working as adults should download and review the Department of Fair Employment and Housings form DFEH 185 as well as the National Institute of Mental Health’s Eating Disorder brochure.


Q:   Are minors required to take the training if they are applying for a 10-day temporary permit?

A:   No, training is NOT required for 14-15 year old minors working under 10 day temporary permit. 16/17 year old minors are not eligible for temporary permits.


Q:   I am a producer hiring a large group of minors. Is the training required prior to the issuance of a blanket permit?

A:   No, training is NOT required for 14-17 year old minors working under blanket permits.


Q:   Once training is completed, how do we notify the State of California?

A:   Simply mail your ‘Certificate of Completion’ along with your permit application form.  If you are turning in your application in-person at the permit office, you can simply present it.  If you are applying online, we suggest you attach the certificate as the second page of your application.  The State of CA is working to amend the online portal to include an additional upload link. We will notify you when it is online and functional.


Q:   I have four kids ages 10-16 years old.  Can my children under age 13 ½ years old take the training now with their older siblings to avoid taking it again in the future?

A:   No, the DLSE will not accept certificates dating back prior to a minor’s 13 ½ birthday.


Q:   Where can I find Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

A:   A list of CA State Certified Vendors can be obtained from the CA Department of Labor simply by asking for it.  Children In Film is on the list and online training has been made available to families at a low fee at www.TalentElevate.com.


Q:   Do talent agencies need to keep copies of the training certificates?

A:   No, because the new law requires certificates of completion to obtain work permits, talent agencies only need to keep copies of the permits for record keeping under the new law. Records must be kept for three (3) years.


Q:   Am I required to take the training (again) when a permit is due for renewal?

A:   No, the State of CA currently requires that Sexual Harassment Prevention Training only be taken one time by minors between the ages of 14-17 years old as part of entertainment work permit processing.