TalentElevate.com was formed in 2019 by Toni Casala, Founder of Children In Film, Inc., to provide a low cost sexual harassment training and prevention solution that fulfills the requirements of California’s new and more stringent labor laws.

Toni came to Hollywood from Boulder, CO in 1987 to do “anything in the film industry.” After more than a decade representing CA Certified Studio Teacher/Welfare Workers and other entertainment industry professionals, Toni found herself in a unique position to share all of the child performer information she had collected over the years online.  As a result, www.ChildrenInFilm.com was born in the year 2000. Initially, CIF was simply a resource for California child labor regulations and permit application forms, but has since blossomed into the entertainment industries most well respected and comprehensive child performer resource for all 50 U.S. States.

Today, Children In Film, Inc. continues to provide Studio Teacher/Welfare Workers and entertainment work permit services throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Through its website, CIF also provides free child labor law and union rule information along with a free how-to guide for young performer families seeking to get started in entertainment.

With the passage of California’s new law (AB 2338), which requires 14-17 year old minors and their parent or legal guardian to complete training in sexual harassment prevention, retaliation and reporting resources, Toni is identifying and creating a new means for the entertainment community to satisfy this requirement through talentelevate.com.

Whether performers or employers, minors or adults, Toni wants to facilitate low cost access to certified training that is valid not just in California, but in all fifty states as well.

Toni Casala


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